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Please thank Julia again for the wonderful massage tonight – it really was the most wonderful one I’d had in ages. Of course, Julia’s massages are always excellent, but tonight just really was perfect. I have been in chronic pain for the past several weeks, and as I sit here typing this, I am completely pain free. Feels like a miracle!” – Allyson M.

I work at a computer all day, have longstanding posture problems, and arthritis in my neck. I never feel better than I do following a massage from Julia. The massage provides stress reduction and pain relief that have allowed me to reduce the amount of muscle relaxants and ibuprofen I need, help me feel better and sleep better, and help with my posture issues.” -Lisa

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As a very serious competitive athlete, I overwork and strain my body far too often. The usual recovery options often have varied results, but when I had the opportunity to have a massage at Escential Massage, I was astounded at how much better and more fluid I felt. As she firmly and confidently found my “trouble spots”, I felt the soreness, stiffness and “kinks” give way. I have never had a massage that left me so completely at ease, fluid and feeling a tremendous boost in energy to take on the next task. I’m very confident that she will be my main source in easing the stresses and strains I tend to impose on myself with daily life. She is extremely professional, timely, focused and is one to keep up with the latest in therapeutic aid. I’m sure your experience will mirror mine as you are taken to a much better place in her care.” – Gary

“The first time I went to Escential Massage and she was about halfway through the massage, I knew it was the best one I had ever had. I truly enjoy her techniques and tell everyone I can about how great she is at what she does. I highly recommend her to everybody!” –LaDonna

“I completely enjoyed my first massage in Escential Massage’s new location. The room was tranquil and the outstanding massage reminded me I need to treat myself more often!!” -Lynn

“All I can say is… WOW! I’ve received numerous massages in my life and I have to say that Escential Massage is by far the best. I walked in to her massage studio feeling tight and sore and left totally relaxed and rejuvinated! The atmosphere is very “spa-like”, but the massage was far superior to any spa massage I have ever had. Highly recommended!” -Carla

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